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The Priced Right Dental Center's dental reconstructive services include complete and partial teeth replacement for individuals who are missing all or multiple teeth. Although dentures are an alternative, dental implants are recommended for patients who have less-than-ideal oral health. Dental Implants replace the missing teeth and provide a natural-looking and healthy smile.

Complete Teeth Replacement
Most people are not aware that dental implants can replace all of your teeth in an arch (upper or lower) with only 4 implants per arch.  This is a better option because implants actually preform the same funtion as your original teeth, and they actually help keep your bone from receding, and help to preserve your gums and jawline as well. 

Dentures as Teeth Replacement
Complete or full dentures replace all the teeth, however they do not prevent bone or gum loss. Complete dentures may take several adjustments to fit properly. Also, there is additional maintence care for your dentures such as daily brushing requiring specific techniques, recommended brushes, hand soap and soaking solutions needed. Upper dentures often require plastic gum replacement - something many people are not comfortable having in their mouths.  Dental implants are a more natural feeling, healthy alternative to dentures when replacing all of your teeth.

Complete Denture in Los Angeles, CA

Same Day Teeth Replacement
We have state of the art techniques which allow us to preform implants in a single day.  Instead of multiple visits over many months to recieve an implant we are able to replace your missing teeth in a single day.  We make your comfort our priority, with sedation dentistry offered to make the process as pain free as possible.  We will make a recommendation based on your needs, working to give you the best value and the best service possible when replacing teeth. 

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