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Affordable Single Tooth Implants in Los Angeles, CA

The Priced Right Dental Implant Center in Los Angeles, CA, cares about your oral health and beautiful smile. Patients who have dental injuries or damage from disease will be met with a highly trained staff at our tooth replacement dentistry center. If your smile is impaired because of a missing adult tooth, we have an affordable solution. Dental Implants have become the preferred way to replace a missing tooth.

Tooth Replacement in Los Angeles, CA

Single Tooth Replacement
A missing tooth doesn't just affect your appearance. Tooth loss affects your speech and chewing and causes bone loss, which is why we recommend replacing the tooth with an implant. When a tooth is lost, the bone and gums will actually recede as they are not receiving the stimulation that was in place when the tooth and it's root was in place.  A dental implant is inserted where the tooth was, and replaces the tooth's root, preforming the same function. This preserves the bone and gum.  It will also help preserve your adjoining teeth without having some of the negative impacts that other tooth replacements options have. Neither dentures nor bridges prevent bone and gum loss, or help preserve your jawline or adjoining teeth the way dental implants do.  

After the implant is in place, the second step is to attach an abutment, a tiny post that will hold the prosthesis, the replacement tooth.  Once we place the prosthesis, your replacement tooth will make your mouth look and feel as good as new.  Many Dental Practices require multiple visits and a long drawn out process in order to get a dental implant. Usually we are able to complete this in a single day.  We use state of the art technology,  3-D Cat Scanning in order to preform the procedure in a quick and effcient way.  We also make our patients comfort a priority; offering sedation dentistry to make the process as pain free and easy as possible.

Are Dental Implants Right For You?
We provide complimentary evaluations at no cost to you. Examining your teeth, oral health and medical history will help us determine if you are a qualified candidate. We want our patients to be satisfied with their tooth implant and understand the necessary procedures that produce successful results. We'll provide you with detailed information and education about treatment, risks and how to care for your implants so they last a lifetime!

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